UTF-8 to presentational view

So we have a document in storage, written in UTF-8 [show visual], and the browser takes this document, written in UTF-8, and somehow transform it into a presentational view (text represented with Latin script, nice typography, &c. [show visual]), that is displayed on the screen and that is intended for human consumption [show visual with browser as “black box” taking stream of UTF-8 characters as input and presentational view as output]. And the central question is, “How does the browser do this?” And this question is going to be the focus of the next few videos.

Why is it important to know this?

It’s important to know this so you have control over how the browser constructs the presentational view. If you leave the browser to do this work on its own, it will construct a presentational view, but it will be pretty boring [show visual], and a lot of the potential of CSS will not be taken advantage of.